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Have you been arrested for cannabis? Know someone who has? Do you pay taxes? Do you vote? Cannabis prohibition affects us all.

Ever thought about how strange it is that this naturally occurring "weed" is the source of so much fear and negative stigma? How there can be laws against the use of a plant that more than half of society ignore? How can so many people claim that this "dangerous" natural herb heals their symptoms and improves their lives? Not sure what to think about medical use? Wonder what conditions might benefit from the use of this herb? What are the risks? What are the facts?

The Human Solution International is a grassroots network of people that began in Southern California. Chapters have been chartered covering the Northern, Central, and Southern areas of California as well Arizona, Colorado, Washington, Michigan and Ohio. You can become a member and start a chapter too!  The Human Solution International has recently become a federally recognized and registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization; any and all donations are tax deductible.

The purpose of The Human Solution International is to support each other through the trials we face as cannabis consumers and spread educational information about cannabis. California voters approved cannabis for medical uses in 1996, now more than 19 states and our nation's capital all have compassionate use laws.

Recent studies have shown that cannabis compounds are not only safe, they are important to healing dozens of known human conditions through a system in the body known as the ECS or EndoCannabinoid System. After years of negative press, the truth is being revealed that the only dangers related to cannabis is the risk of arrest by law enforcement. Many cannabis patients, cannabis consumers,  supporters, and those who just want their tax money put to better use have already joined this group. Only by standing in solidarity against the unfair treatment of cannabis consumers can we stop penalizing good people with bad laws. Our tax dollars pay to arrest and incarcerate people for cannabis while the economy continues to fail. Your tax dollars are used to feed, house and provide limited medical treatment in prisons and jails while our public school budgets are cut year after year! Cannabis and Hemp should be legal! No victim = No crime! Join us to help end cannabis prohibition for good!

The Human Solution International would like to welcome POW's Dustin Costa, Jack Straw, and Chris Williams as they are joining our writing team and helping to create our Protest Song Contest's ~ Next Contest TBA ~ Listen to THS Radio with Joe & Kristin on Sundays 9am-11am~pst for upcoming details!!

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