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The Human Solution International Court Support Program

A simple but powerful illustration of solidarity.

Members of THSI Court Support Team rise early in the morning, dress neatly - proudly adding THSI Solidarity Ribbon to their lapels - and often travel for miles to another city, county or state to reach an important cannabis court date for someone they barely know, or may not know at all.  They perform this show of solidarity so that no cannabis defendant has to stand alone against the unjust and barbaric cannabis prohibition laws in the US.

Some cannabis court cases take just a few hours, others are weeks, months or even years long.

Court trials and proceedings are a very important part of our criminal law system. 

Trial by a jury of our peers is an integral part of the pursuit of justice where each and every juror has the power to nullify bad laws just as our forefathers urged us to do.

Find out why Court Support is so vital by contacting THSI today.


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    You want to start with this 3 min clip of the court appointed attorney assaulting me. I thought he was supposed to zealously represent me.
    2nd please read this 2 page summary
    ?It took about 30 days after the assault’s for me to have a memory recall of the events. Hand drafted description/statements that I made for the police during the unlawful incarceration.?
    Statements continued. The maps in the pictures that I hand drafted in jail give a visual of the crime scene and how the court officials conspire against defendants.?
    The beginning of this recording is where the assault by the defense attorney was sampled from. for what It is worth Criss James was 5min-30min late to court every time!?
    The above is a drop in the ocean of violations, corruption and fraudulent un-due process.
    if all you do is review the above information you will not be informed enough to appreciate and understand what this is about. You will also have to compare the recordings in this folder….
    With this sworn statement of the Chief accuser in this case the Chief of police.
    Then you will know that when I had to question and cross examine the “witnesses” myself in court on 6/22/15 that when I asked the Chief as he sat on the stand if he has ever lied in a report and he says “NO” you will know that the Chief of police lied on the stand! because he lied in his report.

    This is a class action case one reason is because of the way so many people continue to get misrepresented. This court presupposes guilt. My only crime was being too poor to afford justice. You do not want to miss out on the Court recordings you want to listen to all of them all of the way through.?? Like the phone call arraignment on 6/23/2015 where they’re playing games in the background.?
    This next one is just the audio highlights I have sampled out from court on 7/2/2015?
    This link is for the MAIN FOLDER it contains sub folders and a few txt files that are not in subfolders. The information above is pulled from this MAIN FOLDER.?
    In the MAIN FOLDER you will find this full report it is about 21 pages long. The dated sections in the Report correspond with the dated sub folders in the main folder. English is not my strong point and I am not a journalist or a reporter by profession. Yes it needs to be finalised however the information is what is important. Unless you would like me to send you a list of all the subfolders that contain audio recordings (which I am willing to do) you will have to use this Report. It is worth reading one time anyway because this is one of the most interesting cases to study. The state prosecutor is another conflict of interest because just a few years ago he was my defense attorney.?
    I recommend that you listen to all the court recordings so you can put yourself in the “court room” so to speak then read and apply the txt files (The Report and the Summary) into context.

    This form I found appears to be applicable. It may aid you in your overall work.

    I am told that I have a potential case worth about $20,000,000 five million per fraudulent charge. Conspiracy with myself to deliver marijuana. Delivery of marijuana. Two counts of intimidating, threatening, coaching, coursing, intimidating, and bribing a witness or the attendance thereof. 4 felony charges. I am facing 25 years to life if they decide to violate the probation I am serving. What I need is someone who can properly litigate and articulate legal speak in court on my behalf. It is a shame that the counsel I was expected to use was incompetent and ineffective. Because of the recent events and my inability to inherently know the legal language of the courts I would not be able to represent myself. one key point to remember is that I was not able or allowed to make an appeal or as of yet an alford plea because the courts did not let me via the court appointed and highly favored abusive representation!
    I feel that if someone of your knowledge and social position was given this information that this case would be a BIG cut and dry win in the courtroom. The difference between this case and others is that I have the recordings to validate the statements I make. I am confident that the majority of your questions will be answered by learning the information. however you may contact me and ask me any question at any time. Facebook is the best way to contact me. When you understand this case you will understand how impactful a win will be.
    Thank you for listening.
  • commented 2015-12-07 09:28:32 -0800
    Please read the story and help these people. Currently on trial for trafficking. Was not involved in any such activity.
  • commented 2015-08-28 17:00:13 -0700
    I’m in need of some court support on September 10 @ 9:30. Jackson Mi My daughter who is a licensed patient/caregiver worked at a local dispensary as a bud tender, the dispensary was raided in April and shut down. The owner offered her no help and Yesterday she was arrested and charged with 2 felonies, felony possession (possession is legal in Jackson) and felony conspiracy to deliver. I am so scared for her and we need help so if anyone can attend please do.
  • commented 2015-03-20 17:11:53 -0700
    Court support via @420ribbon
  • commented 2014-12-21 12:20:40 -0800
    I am a disabled Veteran 63 years old. I live on a Viet Nam wartime pension (fixed income). I live in Adams County Indiana. I am a lifetime member of the DAV

    I called 911 for help and they made me into a victim! I will never call 911 ever again.

    On June 6th of this year I had a person staying with me that would have been homeless, she has been in prison many times for crimes of dishonesty 14 lifetime felony convictions. I had known this person over 30 years.

    This person was released from prison in January this year and had no place to live and nobody to help her get started once again and she was on parole. I gave her a place to stay as long as she did not break any laws or cause me trouble and help me around the house and help me drive. I even paid her.

    On June 6th I asked her to leave my home because she was shoplifting from the local stores and taking my medication.

    She begin loading up belongings that belonged to me. I called 911 for some kind of assistance. When the police arrived all I asked was for them to remove her, and while she was moving she told them I had some marijuana in my kitchen. I was not a-where of this what-so-ever. I was handcuffed and taken to jail. My house was searched where she told them it was located. I was told not to move and I could not move about my house, I was questioned and my rights were not read until 1 hr after I was taken to jail. I have been charged with a class D felony for possession of marijuana. They trashed my constitutional rights into the ground. This was an illegal search and seizure if there ever was one.

    A public defender was given to me. Since June I have asked this Attorney to file many motions and begin to fight he has done nothing. I begin to do a search on this Attorney and have found out he was suspended for doing some bad things by the Indiana Supreme Court Judiciary Committee and he is very incompetent. He seems to be working for the prosecutor instead of doing his job.

    In the mean time this person (still being homeless) and on parole came back to stay with me I just couldn’t let somebody starve and be homeless if I could help in any way, I told her to tell the police the truth. She signed a handwritten notarized statement that said she was mad at me and the pot belonged to her, she also said she never gave anybody permission to search anything. I have both of these statements written by her in her own handwriting which is also notarized.

    Who do you know that would be honest knowing if she told the truth it meant a parole violation and back to prison? They are not interested in the truth they just want to arrest anybody and everybody.

    The Prosecutor offered me a plea bargain if I pleaded guilty I would be sentenced to 3 years in prison. I do not smoke pot and this is so crazy to even think about.

    I would never plead guilty to something I did not do or know about.

    All I did was try to help a person that was in need with some kindness and this is my reward please I need help.

    As I have stated I am a disabled Veteran, I have had 2 heart attacks, I take 24 pills a day. I have 4 stints in my heart and I have congestive heart failure, diabetes, Neuropathy my legs are paralyzed and I cannot walk over 100 feet unassisted. I have to have injections every 2 weeks at the VA, These injections are not for pain they keep me alive.

    In February I will be having open heart surgery at the VA hospital in Indianapolis. My Dr.s tell me I need to relax I would like to know how?

    I need a attorney or they will railroad me to prison or kill me right after the fight. My constitutional rights have been violated. A real Attorney will knock this out of court in no time. I just don’t have the money to pay one. As I have stated I receive a war-time pension and that is all. I do not receive any type of public assistance like food stamps or housing I live with-in my means. 

    Please contact me for further details. I will provide all documents and court case numbers to verify what I have stated.

  • commented 2014-12-06 07:39:33 -0800
    Attention defendants!!
    court support works best when YOU engage the supporters……
    Be the solution
  • commented 2014-11-13 14:49:50 -0800
    Great page yes as, #COURTSUPPORT is 2nd to to none in importance. I to say, We’re Hooked. Thanks, THSI.
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  • commented 2014-09-11 15:38:46 -0700
    I feel your pain. My farm was raided and I have done a @gofundme to help us all out and will need help. I have a website that I posted a link to that GFM page. is a sight I created to sell the legal hemp oil for now until we can add the THC Good luck bro. I am with you for the long haul.
  • commented 2014-08-31 21:50:57 -0700
    Hi. My name is Michael Cappiello and I need your help and support. I am a California resident and Prop 215 patient that has been proactively supporting and growing for Proposition 215 patients in the Northern State of California for the past six years. I previously owned and ran a collective store front in Redding, CA and in November 2012 it was shut down along with all other dispensaries in the Shasta County region. Once the store front was closed I continued to supply and cultivate medical marijuana for my patients in need under the state law of California.
    On March 26, 2014, my house was raided by the North State Marijuana Investigation Team, headed by Jack Nelsen, in regards to a case that I was unconnected with. The search of the house for medical marijuana took place, resulting in finding 200 marijuana plants, half in veg and half in flower, seized along with seven pounds of medical marijuana for my patients. The North State Investigation Team were harassing and abrasive towards me, keeping me detained until they were able to obtain an arrest warrant.
    I am currently being charged by the State of California with cultivating marijuana, possession of marijuana for sale, and illegal possession of ammunition. There were no guns found or involved in this case, as the ammunition found was my girlfriend’s and I had no prior knowledge of it being on my premise. The state is focusing on the possession of marijuana for sale charge, due to the fact that I have received W2 tax forms for supplying local collectives and that i had collective paperwork and me telling them i dispense to local collectives any overages. Each occurrence has been under the legal limit. The federal agents are not involved or interested in prosecution of this case.
    This is where your help comes into place, I was offered four years in state prison for this offense. With the District Attorneys not willing to negotiate with me as a medical marijuana cultivator, my paperwork hasn’t even been taken into account, I was forced to take this case to trial.
    I need every person there to help support me and the other local collective owners that have recently been arrested for this same offense to stand up and unite as one. If we let the state make an example out of this one minor case the others fate is written in stone.
    If you are a patient and script holder of California’s Proposition 215 please come out and support me, my friends, and my family in pushing for a jury nullification. This is a prime example of a sentence and punishment that does not fit the crime.
    Please spread the word and rally everyone you can against the State of California vs. Michael Cappiello on September 19th & 23rd, 2014 at 8:15am & 9:00am at the Shasta County Superior Court in Redding, CA.
    This has taken a huge toll on my life and those around me, and this seems to be my only hope to not go to prison for a very long time, so I please ask of you to take a small amount of your time and help support me along this nightmare of a journey.
    If you have any question or comments please contact myself at:
    © 530 440 9186


    People vs. Michael Cappiello
    September 19th 2014 @ 8:15am D-1
    September 23rd 2014 @ 9:00am D-TBA
    Shasta County Superior Court
    1500 Court St. Redding
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