Public Defenders are assigned to individuals charged with a crime who have no legal representation. Working so closely with the courts, Public Defenders will often direct you to take a plea deal because past policies have led them to believe that a deal would be better than the results of a jury trial.


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Often Public Defenders are portrayed as a part of the “problem” on cannabis cases in the past, but not anymore. The mentality that, by default “cannabis is criminal” is deeply ingrained in society for many decades through Reefer Madness and other historical propaganda. Now, people of all walks of life are capable of compassion and understanding where cannabis is concerned. Offer your Public Defender information about cannabis and offer them the opportunity to educate themselves on the matter. Public Defenders are often newly qualified attorneys  overwhelmed with a huge caseload that leaves them with mere moments to spend with each of their clients. Working together with your public defender can benefit you both, and many others who should never become Cannabis POW’s.

Ask your Public Defender to visit our website and review the education & resources available. If you can, offer them THSI printed resources. If applicable, insist that your representative have an understanding of your state’s particular laws regarding Compassionate Medical Use. Review past successful court case strategies and arguments. Research the most recent court decisions pertaining to cannabis.  See the Defendant’s Resource Guide for more information.

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