Stacey Theis travels the nation far & wide in her Cannabus bringing awareness to prohibition & the need to end it everywhere she goes!  Many of our members came to us through this road warrior's unrelenting efforts to see an end to prohibition.  While the Cannabus spends most of it's time in the midwest region, you just never know where she'll show up next!  You too can become a member of the Cannabus Chapter and be a part of their THSI meetings, court support efforts & other endeavors.  If you are already a member of THSI & would like to be included in the Cannabus Chapter, please complete your profile on our site & add Cannabus Chapter in your bio. If you are new to THSI & the Cannabus Chapter, become a member today & please include that you would like to join your local chapter as well as the Cannabus Chapter.


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  • commented 2016-10-13 20:25:08 -0700
    Lets Go Fishin’, ma’am

    Official press release:
    I’m putin’ together a trip to Florida for January, first or second week.
    My plan is to go chase the sailfish bite since FL. didn’t get totally wiped out.
    Start in
    The fish showup there first,
    if I make it a working trip, find a job on a sport boat goin’ to
    Key West by March or Apr. and Texas come Aug/Sept.,
    that’s where the bite ends before the Marlin bite starts
    and the Battle Wagons(private million dollar Tourney/charter boats) go on to Mexico.
    The goal is to come up with a few hundred dollars to file paperwork and open a bank account
    for the Central Texas THSI, The Human Solution International.
    Who wants on the board or aboard?
    I need three! To create the CenTex THSI, we can always find a boat with more chairs.
    Follow us at
    and My facebook:

    Currently have 2 other folks plus me and maybe 2 vehicles if needed.
    I have tents for 6 people.
    We need a kitchen,
    tarp and frame and cooking gear.

    I plan to setup main camp at the nearest cheap campground.
    That way folks can come in for just a couple days if they like.

    Maybe as early as Thanksgivin’ In FL..
    (more Tourney dates to come)
    Melborne/Fort Pierce Nov. 24
    Port St. Luise Jan.05
    Stuart Sailfish Club Tourney 63rd Annl. Light Tackle Sailfish Dec.8-11th
    Hemingway Int. Billfish Tourney Havana, Cuba June
    West Palm Feb. – March
    West Palm Beach Fishing club 2017 Silver Sailfish Derby Jan.04 –Jan7
    Hemingway Int. Billfish Tourney Havana, Cuba June
    Key West March – June
    and did I mention  Hemingway Int. Billfish Tourney Havana, Cuba June
    Home to Texas come Aug/Sept.

    Who wants to go learn
    to fish the Blue Water/Real fish/Big Game Fishing?
    I’ll instruct you to train to fish any, IGFA rules tourney, for any fish.
    No pay for me but gladly except a donation/tips to help spread knowledge in Texas.
    I’m cheaper than Marlin University :-)

    All donations and profit will fund the newest THSI chapter in Central Texas.
    “If you can catch sailfish, everything else is Gravy.”
    Me (BOSEG)™
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    Cannabus Chapter
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