What is The Human Solution International?


The Human Solution International is a grassroots network of people who believe that cannabis is not criminal. Cannabis is safe for recreation and improves the quality of countless lives as a medicinal herb. As cannabis compounds heal the body, hemp could heal the damage mankind has done to our planet. The Human Solution is a support group who helps non-violent cannabis defendants and POWs and provides community education about cannabis and hemp.

Who can become a member?


Anyone who understands that cannabis is not criminal can become a member of The Human Solution International. Please see our Membership Application for more information.



What does membership offer?


THSI Membership includes ID card, Solidarity Ribbon, access to members only areas of the website, enrollment in the newsletter, special offers and invites, as well as discounts on events and classes. THSI Membership also includes an amazing opportunity to work with many beautiful people across the nation towards ending prohibition!

What are the fees associated with membership?


Twenty percent of annual membership fees go to the Prison Outreach Program to be used on POWs commissary accounts and other needs. A small portion covers the cost of membership materials. The remaining amount goes toward The Human Solution General Fund.


What happens to my donations other than membership fees?


Unlike so many non-profits, The Human Solution International allows you to have some control of how your donations are used. You may choose to allocate some of your donation towards a particular POW, a printing campaign, or other fundraiser. Donations made outside of these specified categories will be included in The Human Solution General Fund which is used to cover the cost of ribbon-making supplies, court support transportation, printed educational materials, stationary, postage, fundraisers and membership events. Want to know more about where it goes? See the calendar for the next quarterly Membership General Meeting.

Are there jobs available at The Human Solution?


There are currently no paying jobs available at The Human Solution. However, there are dozens of volunteer opportunities that add value to our programs that help others in need. All participants of The Human Solution are volunteers.

How do I find my local chapter?


There are new grassroots THS chapters taking hold in several US west coast locations. It only takes 3 committed people to start a chapter. Please become a member and you will have access to members only pages with information on how to start a chapter in your local area. If you believe there is already a chapter near you, send your request to be contacted through the link at the bottom of this page and it will be forwarded to the appropriate chapter leaders.


How can I be most effective in helping this cause?


Participate in the Court Support and POW Outreach programs because you shouldn’t, they shouldn’t, we shouldn’t go to jail for a plant. Defendants facing the court system need to know there are others who care and that there is hope. POWs need to know they haven’t been forgotten and we await their return. Together, our Solidarity and our Humanity will speak volumes. If you have a special skills or experience with legal, child protective services, prison outreach, education, web development, or anything you can share to improve the group, please include it as a note in your Volunteer Application.

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